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EXCEL & More

Thomastown Library Computer Room 52 Main Street, Thomastown, Mel 8 G7

REQUIREMENTS: A USB stick, a note book, a pen

EXCEL & More

Term 1 Basic EXCEL

Structured Class providing the fundamentals of EXCEL, at this stage no EXCEL knowledge is required.

Term 2 Advanced Basic EXCEL

Structured Class providing insight into more complex EXCEL basics, at this stage some EXCEL knowledge would be beneficial but not a necessity.

Term 3 Projects

Using the learning from Terms 1 & 2 to create EXCEL projects, at this stage a good understanding of EXCEL and or experience working with EXCEL would be beneficial.

Term 4 Macros / Personal Projects

Use the learnings from Terms 1, 2 & 3 and make them more user friendly creating EXCEL projects using macros, at this stage an understanding of EXCEL basics / EXCEL experience would be preferred.

User Guides will be provided throughout the 4 term course. You will require a USB, book and pen to help you to record your progress.

COMPLETION OF BOTH EXCEL AND ADVANCED BASIC EXCEL and/or previous experience with EXCEL WOULD BE BENEFICIAL EXCEL & MORE is designed to enable you to put to practice what you have learnt in Terms 1 & 2, with additional knowledge being added as the need arises including introduction to macros.

User Guides for all new areas introduced into the class will be provided. The class provides a fun learning experience where everyone is made to feel comfortable to participate in all aspects of the class.