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Listening to Your Story

Jindi Family & Community Centre 48 Breadbane Avenue Mernda. (Melway 390 F11)

Description of Class: Wouldn’t you love to share your special story to a group of like-minded classmates, keen to listen to yours and tell you theirs? Yes, your story is special, so is everyone else’s in the Listening to Your Story course. These can be anything. Your captured stories from life experiences, special conversations with people that you have admired over your lifetime. Whatever tale you would like to tell. Even if you think you might not have a story right now, you can start gathering those thoughts, feelings and experiences waiting to heard An exciting journey of self-discovery not only awaits you and ourselves but others. Remember, your story is important not only to yourself but also the audience. Your classmates

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: What are you going to be doing during the class? * Work together to tell your story with the class facilitators. * You will have the opportunity to ensure you are ready to tell your story * Your experience will be relaxed and interactive. * Everyone treated as equal * all stories seen as fun and an achievement for the participant * You will receive valuable feedback from class members all from diverse backgrounds * Working in a team and networking environment, you will see your storytelling confidence blossom. * You will have the opportunity to do all this in a quiet place designed to maximize your storytelling experiences.

EQUIPMENT: Usually good to have pen and paper if you want to take notes and prepare for feedback to others and make notes of others feedback to you if you wish. Depending on how you want to tell your story will dictate equipment required. This course Listening to Your Story uniquely placed for further development via E-Publishing and Creative Writing.