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Tai Chi Sword for Health

LOCATION: Lalor Learning Centre French Street Hall 47a French Street Lalor 3075

DESCRIPTION: This class runs through School Holidays & Public Holidays. Tai Chi sword is not too vigorous and is suitable for seniors. Beginners are always welcome. This is a class open to all members who wish to further extend their knowledge and improve their skills in the Art of Tai Chi. These forms include learning how to hold a sword. Phu, our tutor, is happy to order the sword for anyone. The cost is $12.00. The class will cover: – Taichi Sword Yang 32 form – Taichi sword 42 form (competition form) The Health Benefits include: reducing stress and anxiety; provide headache relief; improve balance and stability; reduce bone loss and fractures; help with the relief of Osteoarthritis due to ageing; improve blood pressure and heart health.