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Italian Language Intermediate

    LOCATION: TEMPORILLY MOVING TO THOMASTOWN LIBRARY. DESCRIPTION: Knowledge of Basic Italian Language is required. The class will benefit people who have an Italian background and want to better communicate with family and friends. For people who want to travel to Italy and for people who want to improve their knowledge of the Italian language for work or for business. Students will interact with an Italian native Tutor and learn the grammar rules but also culture and customs. Most of the work is done in the class where students take notes from the whiteboard ask questions and use web translators or book dictionaries. There is no fixed scheduling so people can join anytime.

    Whittlesea U3A

    Antonio Pignatelli

    Thu, 10:00am – 12:00pm
    Frequency: Wkly: Weekly Course

    1 Feb 2024 – 28 Nov 2024