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Study of Foreign Languages

French Conversation

    LOCATION: Lalor Library May Rd Lalor DESCRIPTION: This is a French conversation class where participants practise their French to become more proficient. Topics discussed will include travel, cooking, books etc. If you are interested in this class you will need to have some knowledge of the language ‘spoken only’ and… 

    Italian Total Beginners

      LOCATION: Peter Lalor Campus 34 Robert St Lalor 3075 DESCRIPTION: Students will interact with an Italian native Tutor and learn the grammar rules and also culture and customs. In the class students take notes from the whiteboard , ask questions and use web translators or book dictionaries. There is no… 

      Learn Basic French

        LOCATION: Mill Park Library, Plenty Rd, Mill Park DESCRIPTION: Learn Basic French through song and the study of phonics. French is the native language of the tutor and she has spent many years teaching and loves to share the language with members of the community.